Dead terrorist advert offensive – ASA

The commercial shows American standup comedian Jeff Durham holding a skeleton puppet with a white cloth around its head, which demands that the audience keeps quiet and says: “Silence! I kill you!”

The ASA said Khan had complained that this was offensive to the Islamic religion, and created the impression that all Muslims were terrorists who would kill to get people to be quiet.  >>>>>


3 Responses to Dead terrorist advert offensive – ASA

  1. Christopher kennan says:

    Its your opinion to tihnk thats what he was implying.
    But if that is what you think, I think you have major insecuritity issues.

    Its comedy and comedians use such things because their forbidden, they make us laugh, like black and white jokes. Classics about the Englishman the Irishan ect, None of them complained, I suggest you get a life and cheer the hell up.

  2. robin west says:

    I do not find the skeleton offensive anymore so than other jokes of religion or nationality. we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves and accept differences amongst nations and religions. Jokes are just that, jokes, not to offend just to laugh at ourselves. We need to get a better sense of confidence and not take things so literal. Life itself is hard and to make it even worse by trying to find fault with harmless silliness isn’t going to change the fact that we are all different and with all due respect we all have things about ourselves individually or nationally that is laughable. accept life and be happy we do not associate all people with one little skeleton. that would be very narrow minded and stupid.

  3. Lora Senecal says:

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