Was it “Obsession”? Hate crime at an Ohio mosque

This inflammatory video — funded by a new and, I think it’s fair to say, shadowy group called the Clarion Fund — “Obsession” is the kind of controversial thing that newspapers tend to stay away from, but only a couple have turned the insert down so far. Understandably, without hard proof that the documentary contains major factual errors, many are concerned about the First Amendment issues and, let’s be candid, given the battered state of the newspaper economy, some publishers NEED the money.

There’s no more key battleground state in America than Ohio — and sure enough thousands were delivered there on Monday in a number of newspapers, including the Dayton Daily News, which is in a hotly contested corner of the Buckeye State.

Four days later, this happened as Muslims in Dayton attempted to worship:  >>>>>


One Response to Was it “Obsession”? Hate crime at an Ohio mosque

  1. Despicable! This the KKK all over again. Funny though that had this been a Jewish Temple, the word “anti-Semitism” will be all over the news and the guilty would have been caught. “Muslim blood” must be cheap! Hooray for “justice, democracy and tolerance” in the land of justice, democracy and tolerance!

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