Suicide bomber kills 3 at checkpoint in Algeria

ALGIERS, Algeria (AP) – A suicide bomber killed three people and injured six as he blew up his explosives-laden car at a military checkpoint east of Algeria’s capital, a local security official said Monday…

Algeria has been battling an Islamic insurgency since 1992 when the army canceled national elections to thwart a Muslim fundamentalist party from likely victory. Violence was at its height in the 1990s.  >>>>>

In the name of ‘democracy,’ based on the very statement above, which group would be considered the true terrorists and truly anti-democracy?  The answer is Algeria, which cancelled the elections and fought those who stood up to the tyranny, who should be recognized as freedom fighters.  It’s interesting that the West believes in ‘democracy’ as long as the corrupt get to remain in power.  Otherwise, a violent coup or attack against human rights and freedoms that a ‘democracy’ claims is ‘quite alright.’


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