Pakistan villagers taking on the Taleban

The Pakistani army has denounced the raids. It fears they will make the tribes switch sides, and turn the emerging anti-Taleban sentiment into an anti-American one

“They are all against the American actions here in this country, and they are against the Taleban committing any offence,” says Shafir Ullah, the government representative who deals with the tribal elders.

“But if Americans continue their activities in the tribal areas, these people will become sympathisers of Taleban.” >>>>>

There seems to be a contradiction in this story.  What is clear is that there seems to be some gain in the U.S. psychological warfare against the Pakistanis.  It’s understood that this is a ‘Catch-22’ position for them.  At the end, this War on Terror is becoming a Muslim on Muslim bout — and this works well for the imperial goals of others.


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