War on Terror Must Not Be Interpreted As Confrontation With Islam – Uzbek Foreign Minister

TASHKENT. Sept 27 (Interfax) – Tashkent has insisted that combat against terrorism should not be transformed into Islamophobia.

Speaking at a coordinating ministerial session of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Uzbek Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov expressed concerns about growing Islamophobia and intolerance in various parts of the world, the Uzbek Foreign Ministry told Interfax on Saturday…

Uzbekistan is categorically against seeing the war on terror transforming into Islamophobia and taking the shape of latent or open confrontation with the Islamic world, he said. >>>>>

This is a position that the Muslims around the world really do want.  However, when there is a constant flow of evidence of false flag operations; smear campaigns that exist against Muslims; heads of state and other political figures that voice how ‘Islamofascism’ (code for anything Islamically related) is the cause of the world’s problems; populous understanding the apolitical, yet accurate official position that Muslims must stop terrorizing the world; continued looting of Muslim and non-Muslim nations by those who attack Muslims; killings of hundreds of thousands of civilians; repeated violations of international war crimes with Muslims at the receiving end of the shaft; torture of innocent Muslims to extract some sort of confession corroborating the official intelligence stance; lying about intentions of going to war; encroaching upon lands by non-Muslims that belong to Muslims; practicing and excusing racial profiling due to the interpretation of a set of lies that sent us to war; propping up presidential candidates by propagating anti-Islamic fear amongst the populous; ethnic cleansing — and many other things not mentioned…Muslims and other people of conscience, along with international entities that acknowledge the truth, but have simply failed to serve the citizens of the world — all recognize that the War on Terror is indeed a war to stamp out any likelihood that Islam would surface as a global power and a champion of human rights and development that would surpass much of what is displayed by many secular nations — including and especially the ones that boast about democracy.


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