Group asks The Oregonian not to distribute DVD

PORTLAND, Ore. – Mayor Tom Potter and a coalition of community members have asked The Oregonian newspaper not to distribute a controversial DVD about radical Muslims in Sunday’s editions.  >>>>>

Many in the Republican party now have a turn to stand up and say something about this scandalous film.  There was a time when Muslims were taunted and pressured about apologizing for September 11, 2001; when up to date, there is still no clear distinction as to who did the attacks.

This push for Muslims to apologize was prematurely done- yet by design – in order to help cover up any speculation of other potential entities – foreign and domestic.

Even without apologizing, this should be considered hate speech.  If it were done about Jews or Christians, the association to the KKK and Nazis would be all over the press.  Let’s continue to push for an investigation.  On top of that, let’s continue to push for the ridding of this kind of free, yet hateful speech – just as it is done when others are attacked.


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