Virginia State Police chaplains resign over ban on ‘Jesus’ words

“You don’t check your religious beliefs at the door just because you’re hired by the state and are a member of the department,” he said, characterizing the decision as the “separation of Jesus and state.”

“What we have here is an attack on the name of Jesus, on the name of Christ. And I’m not going to sit back and just let it happen,” Carrico continued, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. >>>>>

Both the state and the chaplains have valid points. The state has a desire to ensure that their secular citizens are not indoctrinated or offended due to any particular religious group. The Christian chaplains do not want to go against their own God.

Chaplains have a primary job function of servicing the general population of and for their employer – not just their own flock.

Further defining job descriptions may help. Chaplaincy has additional challenges in relation to this as debates about church and state become more prevalent in the era, regardless of who wins the presidential election in November.

There is no such thing as separation of church and state when the state has privileges to affect the practice and even the laws that the church exists under – even if contrary to God. But the only privilege the church has is to be bought off (tax exemption) to remain quiet about the state’s privileges — to include controlling the church’s own right to speech — about politics.


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