Investment scam shocks muslims in Chicago

State regulators are considering criminal charges against a developer named Ibrahim, who fraudulently persuaded hundreds of muslims to invest in real estate deals. Some gave Ibrahim their life savings or mortgaged their homes before he disappeared in August. Investors say they may loose more than USD 50 million.

Salman Ibrahim, CEO and President of the Chicago-based Shariah compliant financial services firm, which provided the market with competent and innovative Shariah Compliant investment products and services, duped the community. >>>>>

Muslims are not immune to crime or sin. Let’s hope that this case is not used as a case against sharia by Islamophobes. The focus should be whether the allegations are accurate.   If so, this is a criminal matter committed against Muslims based on domestic secular laws, and of course, these actions have not gone unnoticed by a Higher Power.


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