How Islamophobia Works

This is how Islamophobia works. First, you lay out the threat posed by radical Muslims. Then you make sure you state for the record that Islam is a perfectly fine religion and most Muslims are surely decent people. You are not a racist, simply a public servant. Finally, you coyly suggest that the problem is that you simply can’t tell the bad Muslims from the good Muslims. In fact, sometimes the bad Muslims pretend to be good Muslims. Sometimes the good Muslims protect the bad Muslims. And sometimes Muslims try to be good but they just can’t help themselves because after all their loyalty is to Islam, parts of which requires them to be bad. Not all of Islam is bad, of course. That would be a racist thing to say. Just the most important parts. And if you are a good Muslim, you have to follow the most important parts.  >>>>>

And of course, learn about Islam from people of other religions who refuse to practice what they preach.


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