Credit Crunch ‘Will Help Islamic Banking’

With usury from loans banned by Islam, the leverage – or, more simply, the amount of money owed – by Islamic financial institutions also tends to be lower.

“Further growth of Islamic banking in the UK will also be attributed to their more conservative approach to financing, as the risks are shared with the investor…it is more difficult for Islamic financial institutions to use leverage; therefore their risk profile is naturally lower.”  >>>>>

What the West has called ‘conservative‘ seems to be radically liberal, not to mention corrupt, according to Islamic systems.  Today’s economic crises are proving this and showing how not only is it radical and corrupt; but entirely ineffective – for the masses, with an extra ‘bailout’ for the relatively few crooked.

This is a chance for Muslims to educate Westerners on some of the abuses on their own rights (in this case economic) which have caused a catastrophe that has not yet reached it’s highest pain threshold. This is not preaching; this is educating.

Usury, also known as interest (of any amount in Islam) continues to be overlooked by economic pundits as the root cause of the overall problem.  Even the founding fathers of American history warned us against it – (in case you need credible sources that are not Islamists).

At present, the bankers and U.S. Government are playing the biggest shell game with the US citizenry being the betters.  Not discussing Usury/Interest is like removing the pea from underneath all three shells.  Try to find the pea now.


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