Pakistan: Whose Drone is it Anyway?

Following up on yesterday’s myriad of reports regarding what did or didn’t happen to a US Predator Drone near the South Waziristan border, Pakistan’s military has officially admitted to recovering the wreckage of a downed US drone near the border which suffered a malfunction and crashed, finally putting to rest speculation about the incident…

And the mysterious group which claimed credit for Saturday’s suicide bombing in Islamabad has issued a new message in which it threatens to target other Pakistanis who cooperate with “Americans and NATO crusaders.” This message, like the previous one, was delivered to the media over the phone, and in English. Pakistani officials said the preliminary report pointed to Waziristan, the target of America’s recent strikes. >>>>>

Two bombs (pun intended) are disclosed in this story and won’t be in the mainstream media.:

1. If you really want to know who sent the drone, start looking at countries that have drones and are not mentioned in the story.

2. The mysterious group is no doubt a Western terrorist organization pretending to be a Pakistani terrorist group.

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