Mayor defends his call for temple impact study

“Mayor Green is well known for his extreme right wing, hardline Christian Jihadist views which were exposed when he offended Australia’s Muslim population by likening these Australians to a bird flu epidemic.”  >>>>>

Islamophobia, xenophobia or racism in general should not be tolerated as he holds his post in a so-called ‘democracy,’ or a nationalistic-religious-monarchy (which happens to be what most Christians of this mentality loathe about some Middle Eastern countries, supposedly).  It’s very interesting how he holds the view that Christianity must be protected; therefore, other religions “should not trespass,” (pun intended).  However, when it comes to missionary work, no passport or law should stop them from encroaching onto other lands, with or without guns; and contribute to the work of the Lord – even with the spilled blood of the innocents.  And we have a problem with Islam?


One Response to Mayor defends his call for temple impact study

  1. Amazing… Five star read…I did see the Feed had not been operating, anyone else observe this particular, or is it really myself. Lol

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