India’s Islamic Leadership calls for ‘Muslim cops’

‘‘The Muslim community in general and the Muslim youths in particular are being targeted in the name of fighting terrorism. While security agencies should go about their work to secure the country from terror, make inquiries and arrest the accused as well as suspects, these must not take place in an intimidating and insensitive manner. We are opposed to the insensitive style of police functioning that creates terror and panic in Muslim localities. We condemn the security and intelligence agencies rushing to the media after any such incident with theories and conclusions before any real and proper investigation,’’ the release said. >>>>>

Younger folk have a more care-free schedule during the day.  They can move about from place to place with fewer questions.  They are also easier patsies.  Even if there was no involvement, it would be more difficult for them to defend themselves during questioning because they are more easily intimidated with threats against themselves and family.

What remains interesting is that the majority of ‘terrorists’ happen to be young, non-fanatical people – actually fanatically un-Islamic.  These are people you don’t hear about who spent most of their days ‘over-studying’ the Qur’an.  Many, like allegedly Mohammed Atta and his associates, hang out at gambling casinos, drink and party.

The demands being placed by India’s Muslim community’s elders show a great deal of patience, justice, knowledge and leadership over issues within their community.  Muslim groups should have taken these or similar steps since the beginning.  But many were too busy trying to show how those (terrorist patsies) are not like ‘we, the good Muslims.’  They contributed to the unjust practice of railroading, while having ignored things like the over 200 Israeli spies whom happened to have gotten caught spying on their ‘best friend’, (the U.S.), and get away, ‘”with literally – murder.”


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