US: Turkish constitution restrict freedom of religion

“The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, and other laws and policies contributed to the generally free practice of religion, but constitutional provisions regarding the integrity and existence of the secular state restrict these rights. The 1982 Constitution establishes the country as a secular state and provides for freedom of belief, worship, and the private dissemination of religious ideas. The Constitution prohibits discrimination on religious grounds. Core institutions of the state, including the presidency, armed forces, judiciary, and state bureaucracy, have played the role, written into the Constitution, of defending the country’s tradition of secularism throughout the history of the republic. In some cases, elements of the state have opposed activities of the elected Government on grounds that they threatened the secular state. >>>>>

It would be nice if the U.S. applied this same logic when addressing the discriminatory hate-bill, Jihad Prevention Act, that Tom Tancredo (R-CO) – (Christian Zionist) just introduced.


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