How much of that 700 BILLION dollar Treasury Dept. Slush Fund goes to Israel?

They will have complete control to the largest slush-fund in the world, and they will be allowed to use it, in secret, and with absolutely ZERO accountability to the public from which that money comes from.

Imagine giving your accountant complete access to all of your wealth and savings and even mortgages, and you can’t know what he is doing with it and you have no legal recourse afterward. You aren’t even allowed to investigate, mush less bring charges or contend any of his actions. Would you sign that contract?

Not only that, but it’s not really just $700 billion. According to the bill, the Secretary will have at his disposal that amount at any one given time. But if he were to “resolve” a portion of that debt, say by buying up all of Exxon’s competitor’s stock, and then short selling it all off to say… Exxon, we eat the loss, the Rockefeller’s get the gain, and that little bit of money goes back into the kitty, and the Secretary has a new $700 billion to play with.  >>>>>


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