Bombings In Iraq Not What They Seem

The crime was falsely attributed to suicide bombers, as happened in Karbala months ago. In reality, the bombings consisted of large amount of explosives stacked in boxes left in the street. Three masked men passed by and examined the objects, and then left. The explosion occurred about 10 minutes later while the second came from a relatively large wooden box used as a base for a loudspeaker and for a light, supposedly to guide the pilgrims at night. Yet Lieutenant Kadhim Khafaji, a member of the Badr Brigade, said that it was the work of two women suicide bombers. This is a distortion of facts. There were no women suicide bombers but it was the act of the Badr Brigade in order to stir up sectarian strife. Khafaji belongs to the Supreme Council led by the Persian Abdel Aziz al Tabtabaei, known as al Hakim. >>>>>


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