Police seeking bombers wage street shootout with Islamists

The Indian Mujahidin, a previously unknown group, has claimed responsibility. For the past week Delhi’s police have trawled slums and criminal hide-outs to find the city’s attackers. The authorities said that one of the dead men, identified as Atif, had been wanted in connection with the Ahmedabad bombings and was the mastermind behind the Delhi attack.  >>>>>

This appears as if it were a sophoisticated case of a combination of an anti-Islamic smear campaign and racial profiling.  It seems that this Indian Mujahidin group may not even exist.  If a previously unknown group launches attacks, and refuses to come out and identify itself, who is to say it is not a false-flag operation.  I applaud the decision of the Muslim Leaders in India calling this a potential fraud by giving them a chance to come forward and respond to this act of terror which is unIslamic.

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