Megachurch Shows Indonesia Faith Freedom – Don’t Expect the Favor to be Returned

Most are non-denominational evangelical or Pentecostal, with some linked to the Southern Baptists. Services in their huge halls usually feature emotional preaching and upbeat modern worship music rather than traditional hymns.

But critics accuse megachurches of having a shallow theology and stressing entertainment more than religion. Some fear that megachurches in Indonesia could increase proselytizing in the Muslim-majority country. >>>>>

It’s this type of initial funding from Muslim sources that plant a seed of ‘freedom’ of expression, by many of the same people who complain that a simple mosque or islamic school cannot be built in areas where they are the majority.

A greater concern is not the missionary work by the Christians.  For even after the smearing of Muslims over tragedies around the world; whereby more often than not, were either false-flag operations or defense against an illegal occupation of one’s own land, people are converting to Islam by droves.  Studying the authenticity and bringing forth proper and noble debate between the two religions, Islam has proven to stand out as being a system that practices even what the Christians preach.  The greater concern is that this particular denomination is why so many have left their original churches, have strayed away from what the Bible teaches, accepts the inconsistency of what the preacher(s) teach; yet are hardcore on issues pertaining to anti-Islamic efforts, to include the War-on-Terror, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the like, despite evidence indicating that support should be provided opposite their present position.


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