Using Facebook as excuse to stir up Muslims

Korayem’s real and electronic worlds reverberate with paradox, inspiring him to ideological battle and, at times, leaving him conflicted. Perhaps more than the arcane logic of jihad websites or blogs by jailed political activists, the mainstream Facebook battle over religion will most influence the course of Islam and its relations with the West….

“Egypt is caught somewhere between Islam and a civil state,” Korayem said. “That’s why we have all this angst.” >>>>>

This is clearly an anti-Islamic puff piece.  The primary person in the article is clearly a secularist, using anti-Islamic arguments and attacks on the ideology of Islam.  His particular view is pointed out in ‘favorable’ terms.

To point to Islam as being opposite to that of a ‘civil state’ as is in the quote insinuates Islam as being barbaric or uncivilized perhaps. To mention that Muslims live in repressive governments while ignoring the relativity of how U.S. citizens live under the Patriot Act denotes a bit of ignorance about the writer’s own homeland.

It doesn’t surprise me that this type of story continues to exist.  The very fact that Muslims even defend their positions against misnomers and attacks within the story have a lot to do with the Muslim seeming antagonistic.

The arguments on Facebook against secularism also exist amongst other religious groups like Judaism and Christianity.  It is no surprise that this story of pitting a separatist Arab against Muslims is written by someone who seems to be an Islamophobe of Jewish descent.

What has been pointed out to me by a reader, and an interviewee of the reporter writing the story is the invaluable gain and work that Muslims do attain through dialogue with others.  One example is the information obtained by a Facebook group he is associated with, We the Muslim Youth Can Change The World, by a Brit who sought information on newly adopting Islam as her own religion.


One Response to Using Facebook as excuse to stir up Muslims

  1. Amr Ali says:

    Salam ‘Alaykum Brother,

    Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) taught us to always look at the bright side, why did you ignore the success of the Islamic Facebook Groups which is gaining much attention from non-muslis.

    Please try to write something that would inspire people to support Facebook Da’wa.

    I would be glad if you would point out for the big difference between Secular Supporters in groups and the Muslim Supporters in the Islamic Groups. Point out to the Woman who converted to Islam, and the way we can change the misconceptions about Islam and Propohet Muhammed.

    I have to go to the Mosque now, waiting for reply,
    Salam ‘Alaykum,
    Amr Ali
    We the Muslim Youth can change This World Admin

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