U.N. assembly opens door to a more complex Security Council

The U.N. General Assembly opened the door on Monday to expanding the Security Council by calling for full-scale negotiations on adding new members to the United Nations’ most powerful body.

Japan is one of the top candidates for a permanent seat on an expanded council, along with Germany, India, Brazil and an undetermined African nation. >>>>>

While the UN is considered worthless by many nations that benefits and is served by the UN’s very existence; its objectives seem to build deeper nationalism.  The inclusion of more permanent members does not seem to be a productive solution, as it promotes deeper nationalism, and worse yet, it causes for less progress by the power to veto by yet more participants.  A better solution may be found in the removal of the permanent member powers and privileges.  If the UN is designed to be a global democracy of nations, then let each vote per sovereign nation count equally along with the others.

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