Yemen arrests 30 after U.S. embassy attack

A U.S. embassy spokesman told Reuters Washington would send a number of teams to Yemen to help the authorities with their investigations.

The U.S. State Department said on Wednesday the bombings bore “all the hallmarks” of an al Qaeda attack but the United States had not yet concluded who was to blame.  >>>>>

Then why speculate and fill articles with conjecture and propaganda, as was done about 9/11 and Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan and Iraq?  These articles help to sway public opinion, including that of the Yemenis to be able to continue maintaining some sort of ‘authorized armed occupational presence in select regions of the area.  By rationale, it provides allowances for arrest of local individuals and groups that may pose a threat to the unlawful future occupation and espionage within Yemeni borders.  The fact that the U.S. is not closing its embassy lends more to the idea that this was a false-flag operation than a terrorist operation by ‘Al-Qaeda.’


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