Meltdown 2008

What am I talking about? The Federal Reserve Bank is not “Federal,” it is a privately held central bank; one of the twelve international private central banks that now control the money supply for the planet. The recent events that have “hit” the United States, were planned and carried out as part of this takeover that was the reason the FED was created in the first place.

When the so-called government asked the FED to step in and takeover AIG, they were actually inviting a private bank (masquerading as part of the Federal government) to take 80% of the targeted Insurance giant’ and in exchange the Fed decided to dump the shareholders and save the gamblers that created this mess in the first place. So the “banks” will get the profits and the bailout while the public gets the shaft—again!

Washington Mutual and Wachovia are both up for sale and Morgan Stanley is “having conversations,” as of tonight! This financial tsunami is just beginning, and the key player is still wearing its mask that is intended to disguise its true purposes! >>>>>


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