CIA Chief Admits to Provoking War as Latest Drone Strike Kills Seven in South Waziristan

At the same time, speaking at the Air Force Association’s annual conference, CIA Director Michael Hayden suggested that his agency is trying to “tickle” militant groups with missile strikes in an attempt to provoke a reaction. He said there was much his agency could learn from the way in which the groups respond…

Civilians living in the tribal area have reacted to the attacks as well with an increasing number of anti-US protests, and an important tribal faction in South Waziristan has threatened to abandon its long-standing peace deal with the Pakistani government if the government does not do something to halt US attacks. >>>>>

The headline to the link needed a correction of title. Russia makes arms sales in Venezuela and Cuba; and this is a provocation. We kill people with missiles and this is considering “tickling” them. Let the Westerners contemplate for a moment: If a foreign nation uses missiles across your land (ones that have actually killed innocent people in the process); how would you react? The answer is clear, the ‘tickling’ brings about no smiles nor laughter — these are atrocious acts of war. Are they not? So the next time someone, usually not wearing his flag pin tells you that “they hate us for our freedoms,” think about this point…then conclude, “No. They hate us because we’re wrongfully occupying their land, using armaments and killing their innocent citizens, whom desire to live in peace.”

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