Report on Anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim attitudes do not correlate as much

“There is a clear relationship between anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim attitudes,” said the report from Pew, released Wednesday. “Publics that view Jews unfavorably also tend to see Muslims in a negative light.”

Negative views of Muslims were also strong in several Asian countries: Half or more of the Japanese, Indians, Chinese and South Koreans surveyed said they had negative impressions of Muslims.  >>>>>

The linked article has a clear bias against Muslims, nor does it reflect only the countries of Europe.  While the several references of countries that favored Jews were listed; the only listings of Muslims were listed on the unfavorability of Muslims.  This is actually ‘robbing the victimization’ off the backs of Muslims (not that Muslims want that title).

This is similar to the reporting on the black struggle and how in research, there is much comparison to the Jewish community.  This is not to say that Jews have not struggled in the past.  However, the strategy is to try and rest upon the sufferings of others, and eventually show how they were part of the struggle (veering away from any oppressive role, of course).  This usually sets the stage for some sort of reparation for their part of the struggle while ignoring the overwhelming majority, when many times their struggle was more severe.

While mentioning several Muslim countries, there was still the negative reporting of Muslims or Islam, and absolutely nothing mentioned positive of Muslims.  Of all the Islamic countries in the world, there was nothing positive to report about Muslims?  It goes on to mention the association of Arab countries and the negative attitude toward Jews.  It seems convenient to have left out Israel’s position.

This writing of the hodge-podge statistics attempts to steal any thunder that Muslims have in reporting the increasingly obvious violation of their human rights, and conveniently including their Jewish brethren.

It’s interesting to note that this poll did not include other religions and how they would compare to what people say.  Is it safe to assume that there is no anti-Christian, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist, etc. bias?  This poll had a psychological agenda from the onset.  Since the numbers are already present.  It might be useful to attempt to associate the ‘why’ with these numbers.  Something tells me that the answers very different from the similarities attempted to be portrayed in this article.


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