Labour MP tells Muslims, “Abandon the victim mentality”

‘We need to take responsibility for our own lives, the Tooting MP said. ‘We need to take more responsibility for our own families, ignore those who propagate conspiracy theories, and above all we need to leave behind our victim mentality.’  >>>>>

While there is hope that his words are taken out of context, these are strong words.  If he is or was a human rights attorney, then maybe he should have ignored the words of his former clients in believing they were mistreated by a society that has been involved in an unjust war against Muslims; aside from the fact that the same Anglo society also has other reasons for disliking the influx of citizens and residents of the Indian subcontinent.

Muslims are still victims of Islamophobia in his country more than they are in most countries.  While learning English is a positive thing, ignoring people who speak truth (those who propagate conspiracy theories), is a dangerous standard.  Khan should be voicing to members of parliament — “Ignore those who propagate conspiracy theories against Muslims” otherwise known as false-flag operations and frame-ups of innocent Muslims.  He is speaking as a representative of a government that has already been part of the very same conspiracy that killed Muslims by the hundreds of thousands.  For that matter, why is he speaking to Muslims in the first place?

Wasn’t Khan the same MP who was a victim of eavesdropping (by the non-conspiratorial government, no less) earlier this year?   Didn’t the very same police department refuse to say who authorized such illegal (and conspiratorial) practices against him and his client at the time?  Was he the same person who took on a series of malpractice cases against the police involved in conspiracy-like behavior?

I am sure that many of his same constituents supported Khan in rising to the post he presently has.  It would be a shame for him to become less like the very people he campaigned against in making a difference if he obtained his seat.  Today’s comments help him look more like one of the ‘good ol’ boys.’


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