Is Hindu right wing behind Indian Mujahideen, ask Muslim groups

Terming the Indian Mujahideen, which has claimed responsibility for the serial blasts in Ahmedabad and New Delhi, as fictitious, several Muslim organisations and clerics have demanded investigations into the possible role of the Hindu right wing in the terror attacks.In a statement issued here Wednesday evening, 21 Muslim organisations challenged Indian Mujahideen leaders to come out in the open and prove their actions.

“We hereby challenge the so-called IM to come out in the open and prove that they are representatives and spokesmen for the Ummah, and justify their actions point by point, or else it will be eventually surmised that they are non-persons and nothing but a figment of the Sangh Parivar’s unscrupulous imagination, brought into the collective psyche of all Indians by the grand alliance of Mossad and their protagonists in the country,” the statement said. >>>>>

I remember being one of the few who took this position in the U.S. right after September 11, 2001 happened; and have maintained this position ever since.  It’s a shame how many today still buy the hype.  This may actually be part of the fuse that ignites the shifting of those who understand what is happening globally and what is being fabricated for the masses.  False-flags of this magnitude are not as easy to bring about as they were in the past.

For the same reasons, it is yet to be determined whether an Islamic group is behind the bombing today in Yemen.  It is quite possible that others, who stand to gain with the terrorist act, are merely using Islam as a scapegoat. The attack did little against the West; it’s on Yemenis and subsequently Muslims.  People will possibly be chased down as legitimate targets, while those with impunity gain from this demise.


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  1. Suparn Sharma says:

    Can you shut the hell up? May be the videos Osama bin Laden is releasing, are also released by some people of other religions, with a film shoot! The plane hijacked by the Taliban must also have been done by a Sangh Parivaar member, who were coincidently asking for an EXTREMELY hardcore terrorist in return. And Dawood Ibrahim must also be a figment of imagination, or he must be a very nice person, surely not the one behind Mumbai blasts. Or this one must have been an actor from a different religion bound to defame Islam, who was showing such pride and shouting slogans in the court after the Bali bombings. You want more examples? Actually, even this whole bloody INTERNET seems to have become a very small place for me to submit a list.

    The person who gave the above comment is obviously not an Indian, because he doesn’t know how things work here in India. In India, no one is able to hide anything here. There is no unity or coordination in any organisation. Can’t you see even the Sangh renders divided every other day with their leaders leaving away? You really think they can do such an act, and risk being caught by any chance, with various people unknown to eachother investigating things from different angles? That also when the Sangh Parivaar is not even at the Centre? Are you a joker? Are these Muslim groups clowns? No, they know it very well.

    So, as far as this statement is concerned… here goes. I always thought that the acts of terrorism are SUPPORTED by the Muslims, ALL OVER THE WORLD, though somewhere deeeeep inside their mind. Why should I think so? Just because when the Muslims even feel, just FEEL I said, not “confirm”, that there may be a danger/insult to their Islam, then what do they do? They come out on streets all over the world when a cartoon of their beloved prophet is published by some unknown newspaper. No problem; they did the right thing. Matter of fact I consider that Mohammed was a much more peaceful man than Muslims have been able to ever realise. But, there goes a bomb, some people die, it is proved that the criminals are Muslims, who come out in the open, but, as it is, there is no protest anywhere in the whole world. (After the Delhi blasts, this is the second protest ever of a handful of Muslims anywhere in the world, in India.) So this statement of these groups, is of escaping the truth, not admitting that Muslims can go to any extent over some eccentric philosophy of/related, directly/indirectly to Quran, can even cut their innocent children to pieces and secretly bury them, just because they married someone from other religion. Hello there, do you read newspapers? So not admitting all these stuff is the vindication of my thoughts about Muslims, that they are PROUD of terrorism somewhere in their minds. My dear Muslim organisations, if you taught your children so much of violence even in their childhood- whether it is eating food or some ritual- then why in the very first place do you expect some of them should not go for full fledged violence when they grow up for something or the other? If Sangh Parivaar commits the same mistake, then their children are not going to be human beings either when they grow up.

    So my dear Muslims, be honest. Accept that YOU and YOUR brethren have made this world currently a living hell. I am even ready to admit that there may have been some insult/disregard of Muslims by the west at some or other time. But YOU admit, that right now, YOU and YOUR brethren have made peace impossible on planet Earth troubling everyone, mainly ONLY the innocent, who don’t even have the knowledge of the grievances of those terrorists, who crippled them- whether of their own limbs, or of their dear ones. What happened? No answer? Yes, better shut up.

  2. For Suparn Sharma:

    You are clearly an individual filled with blind hate. Unfortunately, you are unaware of much of the facts, including those in India. The article addresses the Muslim Organizations even asking for the supposed claimers of the terrorist acts; whom were not identified other than having been alleged. Your blanket statements of trying to convict in the court of public opinion does not stand in a court of law within a democracy. May you gain knowledge and seek true justice. Peace.

  3. Suparn Sharma says:

    Now listen you i… I am not filled with blind hate. Neither do I believe in being blind, nor do I believe in hating. Even if you were a born Muslim, you could not have had a couple of Muslim friends as “good” as I have. Of course you don’t have them now.

    Whey the hell are these groups shouting hoarse AFTER it has been proved, to the extent of bringing the family of the Muslims involved to the LIVE CAMERA?! Don’t give junk replies or I shall not reply. Understand? The answer you gave does NOT count of course. Finally you or your bloody innocent Muslim groups don’t have the real answers, to the question that why are they shouting hoarse over the Sangh Parivaar? Especially AFTER everything is with the wild Indian media? I shall tell you. I have seen very closely for maximum Muslims, and since my childhood, that a Muslim would go to any extent not just denying but even LYING, UNBELIEVABLY, to protect one of their brethren. If I happen to tell you some of my experiences as a child I received with some very, educated, “good” families, then you are going to convert back to Christianity. So shut the hell up. Unless you want to admit that the unity that is seen among Muslims almost always gets translated into superfluous covering of their brethren. Whole my life I have never ever been able to point out a Hindu family even coming close to doing this. Hindus point to their own brethren should they have the slightest doubt whether or not it is true, they are such idiots in the want of becoming “righteous”.

    And as far as blanket statement is concerned, you wanna see which one was a REAL “blanket statement” among yours, mine and the statement’s? Do you really wanna see? Here it is:
    “We hereby challenge the so-called SANGH PARIVAAR to come out in the open and prove that they are representatives and spokesmen for the SANAATUN, and justify their actions point by point, or else it will be eventually surmised that they are non-persons and nothing but a figment of the MUSLIM ORGANISATIONS’ unscrupulous imagination, brought into the collective psyche of all Indians by the grand alliance of ISI and their protagonists in the country,”
    Ha ha ha!! Cool, ain’t it?!!! I have even capitalized the substitutions for your ease of “use”.

    And now for some fact, that I think I should tell you, which I thought of writing earlier, but did not, which is going to make digesting all my above observations difficult even all the hell more to a you; after all you are a Muslim I am talking to. Right now you can easily digest because I am supposed to be a Hindu.The fact is, I have RENOUNCED my religion, only waiting to formally do so. Since, everywhere there has to be a written text in some line, that requires you to fill your religion, you may call me a Hindu. But let me achieve what I want to, and I shall publish in newspapers this renunciation of mine; the title from the name would be removed formally and LEGALLY (from bank, passport etc). I would do this because I don’t believe in Harry Potter-stories of my sacred books. I strictly believe in being a homo sapien ONLY. This way, I am now an UNADULTERATED human being. Wow! We have something in common. We both renounced our religions! But look at you! You renounced your religion, only to embrace another. (Never mind… I hereby stop commenting on you.)

    So man? How was that? Now it becomes even more difficult for you to believe (or admit?) all what I said, because now these observations are from a NEUTRAL observer!!! Oh… sorry for giving you such great indigestion!! Go have some medicine.

    WARNING: If a matter is closed due to no further reply possible, then it should be considered closed. I can come to your lone forum and keep posting REGULAR replies for the next hundred years for this SAME matter, and admit something if I am wrong (I don’t argue for things I don’t know). But the moment you give junk replies (junk = ILLOGICAL), I shall leave you alone here. Such a pissant would not be worthy of my ordinance.

  4. Suparn Sharma says:

    May be I should tell you even this. I thought this news was a bogus one. It wasn’t here in any newspaper. Nor anywhere on the Internet. Considering even my father did not know about it, who is an eminent, a very thorough ‘forbidden’ journalist, I can tell you why we can’t see this news item here in India, or for that matter, anywhere in this world, even when it happens to be from- though a less known but- a valid and credible agency, the IANS.

    Any newspaper does not print all the news that keeps oozing out of their teleprinters (may be computers these days). The news should make sense. Like, if I am not a bodybuilder, and I challenge Arnold Shwarznegger calling a press conference, then no one would carry it. (Oops… reminds me of some silly part of my life…!) The statement issued by those organisations does not carry weight. Like you just saw how it may be reversed. Is that a valid proof to you, even for considering such things? They are shouting, as if, all the people of any terrirorist organisation are dying to reveal their faces on television. Suppose, one person’s video is found the next day, speaking with his face covered, then what do these Muslim groups say? Of course that this is a Sangh Parivaar member that’s why he has his face covered. Do you think this is sane? If you don’t, then what do you call it? I call it extremely dirty game of politics. It is like some person is afraid of a tiger in a jungle, and I go to “investigate”, and start shouting to the jungle at the top of my voice producing different sounds, declaring proudly that if there would be a tiger, then he would come out and attact me, otherwise it would be concluded that there is no tiger in the forest, and then, this shepherd would be destined to take his cattle in there. You believe the tiger comes out this way? What am I doing? Nothing but playing dirty politics with the poor boy. But it is so obvious… at least to even the least educated, but then for whom are they doing all this, for 5 year olds? Yes, exactly. You wouldn’t believe, but here in India, we have 5 year olds with bodies of 50 year olds! It is to find such people, especially among the Muslims, and to bring them to your own side, to keep the support of your own members high. (Here you = anyone.) Here in India, the people are not so advanced, rather, clever- they are very straight forward and simple- whether Hindus or Muslims; just like the Arab people- so as the media people start thinking about why the hell these Muslim groups are saying such a thing. If it were your USA or Europe or Australia, then they would have started asking the groups what there statement meant. When they would have not been able to answer the questions, the media would have had made a big noise, obviously irked by the traitor like attitude. And in no time would these voices have disappeared.

    But now, I don’t understand why should YOU not behave responsibly against a news article like this. What are you, a Muslim, a writer, a this, a that, and not a responsible publisher? As a publisher you ought to have the same responsibilities, and should treat a news article just the way all the rest of the media of the world treats.

    All I can say is that if this gives you some more wisdom than all whatever you already have, then you should remove this article with this page, and recheck all other articles, in case one of ’em needs reviewing.

    You may want to read some other posts (2 or 3 only) I did at the ‘WakeUpFromYourSlumber’ site, which I went through here only.


    PS: I hate Sangh Parivaar!

  5. Suparn Sharma says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention my ID on those pages, it is: HDW.


  6. Suparn Sharma says:

    love… kiss… yo man cool!!! Love ya! so cute! beautiful… wow! nice… great! pleasure! kiss, love good excellent!!!

  7. Suparn Sharma says:

    (The auto-icon-assignment here is half accurate. I thought it would be according to the mood of the post, but it is permanent.)

    So man? Do you need more proofs of the above “statement”? You aware of what’s going on at this end? More news is pouring in. I am not a news buff. But I might be a little more “aware” kind of a person than most of those common people, who have even more interest than me in the news of the world. I don’t have enough interest in this subject. But in my house it is not easy to escape the news, even if you don’t touch the newspapers for a month (sometimes that happens with me). The radio is always on (my father does not watch TV). There are so many newspapers, you start reading one. You want to surf the net, then you need to type in your URL only after watching the page of Google News set as home page by my father; you tend to read the top headlines everytime you access the Internet browser.

    Apart from my own interest in life and interest in understanding life, I think it must have definitely helped being such a journalist’s son in getting an understanding of how things work in the world of info-media.

    I was watching TV news here, and there was news of this encounter between the Delhi police and 5 terrorists. (Now why should YOU call them “terrorists”, when you can call them “Muslims”. In a news item in Pakistan Daily, there is a news titled something like ‘India seeks Israel’s help to kill “Muslims” in Kashmir’. There is a whole post on the WUFYS site on this. (You must be very proud of your community reckoning things in such a manner, since now you have declared you are a Muslim, eh?) Never mind,I was watching, and all I saw was a hundred cameras up in the air taking pics of police officers, of course the footage of the real encounter, interviews of locals living in that colony etc. And as my mother entered the room, I told her that the person who was caught after the Ahmedabad blasts, revealed an address of a Delhi colony, and as I tried to remember his name- “Abu Basheer” she shot- I said yes, he gave a Delhi address and now they have recovered an AK47 and heavy ammount of arms and ammunitions. The news said when the special cell team tried to know who the hell was living in the fourth floor of the building, they were fired upon, and then the whole hell broke loose in the conjusted colony. Two of them escaped (a regular feature of the Indian police), two died (now I don’t know if you want to call them martyrs or terrorists), one was caught. Three policemen were injured, the leader of the operation has now died (I don’t know how that happens to the Indian Police inspite the bullet proof jackets and prior information; the news everywhere says the police did not expect any firing). Now there seems to be evidence recovered from the appartment that seems to point out the “Indian Mujahideen” factor clearly. (When are you removing this page?) But even as I was half way to telling this to my mom, she interrupted me saying, “…and that the SHAHI IMAM of the Jama Masjid Delhi Sayeed Abdullah Bukhari (the head Muslim priest of whole of India) was saying that it would not be good if you keep targeting Muslims and arresting innocent people.” She said he had “threatened”, on the arrest of this Abu Basheer. I must have missed the news.

    The area was a well known Muslim populated Delhi area known as Jamia Nagar, near a mosque named Khalilullah. Can you shed some light on why these people chose a residence in this area? Now why don’t you watch this You’ll be enlightened as to why they did. Do you believe no one in the colony knew who the hell these men were? You watch that clip, you are likely to be shell shocked, since even I did not know that such a big populace of Muslims are so much OPEN in their support for terrorism in India. (May be you happen to react in an OPPOSITE way, since that you are a Muslim now. So may be, you start thinking, that ‘hey, we can take a little bit more liberty with this deliberate ignorance!’) (You know something, don’t get carried away with this grim situation, it is ACTUALLY very difficult to shake the nation’s unity; only if this grim situation can be removed.)

    And yes, there is a 14 year old who made all the bombs this year, among the two fugitives. Looks like as soon as they got a whif of the police, the 3 out of 5 told the 2 to beat it. So probably they ran BEFORE the operation took place, and probably thought that since they themselves would be dead, there would be no one to tell the police of their further plans, which they would also be able to carry out (36 cities planned for bombings! including mine) but what a bad luck they had today: two had to be shot dead, and one was caught alive.

    All this while after visiting this page of your site and reading your great philosophy: “I remember being one of the few who took this position in the U.S. right after September 11, 2001 happened; ***and have maintained this position ever since***”, I have been unable to understand why do you have to MAINTAIN this position even NOW, when everything is crystal clear about the towers? A happy Osama bin Laden had confessed the very week to a news channel to have done that. Do you not believe this, the channel, the video? Or does it fulfil your ego by talking of earlier “posibilities”, which unfortunately have turned out to be false? Are you trying to please someone, may be Allah who would give you heaven for your righteous attitude? Have you turned into just a Muslim, or a Muslim propagandist just for the right and just deeds of the Muslims? Are you bound by a Quran verse that says that since you have now become a Muslim, you have to cover the heinest of deeds of your own brethren, if committed against people of OTHER religions? Do we have to pawn your our own individual “inner-self”, that tells us of right and wrong, to Islam, only then we get to become a Muslim? Man, you dissappoint me, and this attitude of yours is a furthermore vindication of my observations in the first post on this page (as if I need more). If a CONVERTED Muslim can be such a radical, then I don’t think you have to be a mathematician to calculate what a born and brought up Muslim can be. After all, these posts have some facts too.

    One last question: Do you have the courage to admit to what has been rightly proved against the Muslims, THEN run this blog for this VERY SAME purpose? (Another question stems: Why do I have to use the word “courage”? Just because I like?)

    Now since the condition of the article has been fulfilled, the Muslim Organisations have got their reply with deliberate efforts of the police with an officer lost, may I request you to remove this page? (There are too many like you, here on the Internet, so may be you need to be ignored. Are you one of those?)


  8. Suparn Sharma says:

    You seem to be a Muslim propagandist rather than an Islam follower. You don’t seem to be bothered about the genuineness of the articles. Though you need to be ignored in your lone forums with like minded people, in whose company you make yourself very happy, thinking how ‘righteous’ you are, but I think a new cyber law preventing anyone from doing a false propaganda is likely to take care of you.

    Meanwhile you might want to answer a question: can you list 5 sins Muslims have committed, in which the following condition is met?

    –the sins should have been done by Muslim(s) towards any other religion, except Islam


  9. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    You are entitled to your opinion. I try to see things objectively. However, I do recognize that my angle is on Islamic/Western issues. There is no question on my mind that many Westerners, and others around the world are either very ignorant about these issues; and many are being led by a malicious group that are not so ignorant.

    Since you are a regular commenter on this site, and this disturbs you; you are free to use other sites for your information. As far as answering for the sins of Muslims, I have articles on here that discuss some of the shameful things that Muslims do. If you want me to state that “we are sinners,” I’m with you on that. God-willing we leave this earth having please God.

  10. Suparn Sharma says:


    I am done here. You may delete the comments above.


  11. Suparn Sharma says:

    H! there

    Would it be possible for you to delete these comments? If yes, then please do. If not, then you might want to tell me why. I believe the comments should be done away with once the conversation is over, if the conversation was not topic-specific. The conversation here was not specific to this article; it was in general. Only it was raised where this article was posted.


  12. Suparn Sharma says:

    Kindly delete the comments.


  13. Aby Shishoo says:

    Hi there Mr. Suparn Sharma,
    I would like you to go through this report.
    Karkare Episode – Few Relevant Questions:
    The MCOCA court will debate the mammoth 4,000 page charge sheet submitted by the Anti-Terrorism Squad, which reveals radical intentions of creating a Hindu nation and extensive attempts by the saffron terror brigade in collaboration with Israel and Nepal. Indian Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Prasad Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Swami Dayanand Pandey are the key perpetrators of the saffron terror. The transcripts of audio video recordings recovered by the ATS from Dayanand Pandey’s laptop is evidence enough to prove that Purohit had already kicked off efforts to liaison with establishments in Nepal and Israel to set up a separate Hindu fundamental state. In a meeting which was attended among others by Dayanand Pandey alias Sudhakar Dwivedi, Delhi based Dr R P Singh, a Col Bappaditya Dhar, Himani and Sawarkar, Purohit, the accused for perpetrating blasts at Malegaon and Samjhota express, is seen and heard saying, “I have contacted Israel and one of our captains has been to Israel. There has been a very positive response from their side. They said wait and watch for six months.”
    For the first time, the Indian state was conducting a thorough professional probe into a terror network involving Hindu extremist organisations, this one with huge ramifications, some leading into military and bomb-making training camps and politicised elements in the army, others into organisations and political leaders affiliated to the BJP. The BJP and its allies had bitterly denounced the investigation into the Hindu terrorist network. Karkare was accused of mounting an “anti-Hindu” witch hunt. Top BJP leaders, including party president RajnathSingh and the BJP prime ministerial candidate, L.K. Advani, publicly questioned Karkare’s integrity and even called for the dismissal of his investigative team. From what has come to light so far, one can only conclude that there was either a massive and total security breakdown—as India’s Home Minister Chidambaram has himself said — that elements within Indian’s security establishment deliberately “stood down” for ulterior political motives.
    Prior to his death, Hemant Karkare was unearthing a terror network unlike any that has been seen thus far and had ordered the arrests of 11 Hindu extremists who police allege were responsible for a serial bomb attack in Malegaon (Maharathtra) and Madosa (Gujarat) on September 29. The investigation started by tracing the motorcycle used to plant bombs in Malegaon in September 2008 to a Hindu Sadhvi, Pragyasingh Thakur. In a cellphone conversation between Thakur and Ramji, the man who planted the bombs, she asked why more people had not been killed. One of the most potentially explosive discoveries was that a serving army officer, Lt.Col. Srikant Purohit, had procured 60 kg of RDX from government supplies for use in the terrorist attack on the Samjhauta Express (the India-Pakistan ‘Understanding’ train) in February 2007, in which 68 people were killed, the majority of them Pakistanis.
    On November 26, just before the terrorist attack, the police in Pune received a call from an anonymous caller saying in Marathi that Karkare would be killed in a bomb blast within two or three days. Given this background, and reports that are riddled with inconsistencies, it is not surprising that many residents of Mumbai are asking questions about the exact circumstances of the death of Hemant Karkare and his colleagues. The earliest reports, presumably relayed from the police via the media, said that Karkare had been killed at the Taj, and Salaskar and Kamte at Metro. If this was not true, why were we told this? And why was the story later changed? Was it because it conflicted with eye-witness accounts?
    In the early hours of the 27th, under the heading ‘ATS Chief Hemant Karkare Killed: His Last Pics’, IBN live showed footage first of Karkare putting on a helmet and bullet-proof vest, then cut to a shootout at Metro, where an unconscious man who looks like Karkare and wearing the same light blue shirt and dark trousers (but without any blood on his shirt or the terrible wounds we saw on his face at his funeral) is being pulled into a car by two youths in saffron shirts. The commentary says that Karkare ‘could well have fallen prey to just indiscriminate, random firing by the cops’, and also reports that there were two vehicles, a Toyota Qualis and Honda City, from which the occupants were firing indiscriminately. Later we were given two accounts of the killings where the venue is shifted to a deserted ane without cameras or eye-witnesses.
    The first account is by the lone terrorist captured alive, claiming to be A.A.Kasab from Faridkot in Pakistan and a member of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba. According to him, just two gunmen, he and Ismail (also from Pakistan), first attacked VT station, where they sprayed bullets indiscriminately. (Around 58 people were killed there, over one-third of them Muslims, and many more might have been killed if the announcer, Mr Zende, had not risked his life to direct passengers to safety.) They then went to Cama, a government hospital for women and children used mainly by the poor. Initially, according to the police, Kasab claimed he and Ismail had killed Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte. Later, in his confession, he claimed that while coming out of the hospital, he and Ismail saw a police vehicle passing and hid behind a bush; then another vehicle passed them and stopped some distance away. A police officer got out and started firing at them, hitting Kasab on the hand so that he dropped his AK47, but Ismail opened fire on the officers in the car until they stopped firing. There were three bodies in the vehicle, which Ismail removed, and then drove off in it with Kasab.
    The other account is by police constable Arun Jadhav. According to him, Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte, a driver and four police constables including himself were driving down the alley from VT to the back entrance of Cama (barely a ten-minute drive) in their Toyota Qualis to check on injured police officer Sadanand Date when two gunmen emerged from behind trees by the left side of the road and sprayed the vehicle with bullets, killing all its passengers except Jadhav. They then dragged out the three officers, hijacked the vehicle, drove to Metro junction and then Mantralaya in South Bombay, abandoned it when a tyre burst, and grabbed another car. According to police accounts, they then drove to Girgaum, where Kasab was injured and arrested and his companion killed.
    These accounts raise more questions than they answer. Kasab claimed that a band of ten terrorists landed and split up into twos, going to various destinations, he and his companion going to VT. He said they wanted to blow up the Taj, as in the attack on the Marriott in Islamabad; yet we are told that only 8kg of RDX were found at the Taj, and even that was not used; contrast this with 600kg of RDX and TNT used to blow up the Marriott: could they really have expected to blow up the Taj? How did the invaders from the sea get one bomb to go off in Dockyard Road and another in Vile Parle, 25 kilometres away? He said that the terrorists planned to use their hostages as a means of escape, yet there was no attempt at any such negotiations; at other times, he also said they had been instructed to fight to the death. He says he is a labourer from Faridkot near Multan and only studied up to Class IV, but it is reported that he speaks fluent English. Several people have pointed out that the pictures of him in VT show him wearing a saffron wrist-band, a Hindu custom, and police later revealed that he could not recite a single verse from the Koran, which any child growing up in a Muslim family would have been able to do.
    Indeed, a thoughtful article on the soc.culture.jewish group argued that none of the terrorists were Muslims, given their appearance and behaviour (especially their reported consumption of alcohol and drugs), pointing out that they did not need to disguise themselves, since Muslims who look like Muslims are plentiful in Mumbai, and would not attract undue attention.During his interrogation, Kasab said that he and eight of the operatives had done a reconnaissance trip to Mumbai a few months back, pretending to be students and renting a room at Colaba market, which is close to Nariman House. It is extremely hard for Pakistani nationals to get Indian visas, and they are kept under close surveillance by the police; it is also most unlikely that the Indian immigration authorities would be fooled by forged passports of another country. In that case, the Indian immigration authorities would have visa applications of nine of the terrorists including Kasab, and could match the photographs in them to those of the terrorists: has this been done? Later, Kasab changed his mind and said that the team who carried out reconnaisance was different from the team who had carried out the attacks.
    The events in VT and Cama and the back lane also put a question mark over his story. According to witnesses, two gunmen started firing at the mainline terminus in VT at 21:55 on Wednesday night, but at precisely the same time, according to CCTV footage, two gunmen began an assault on the suburban terminus. If the first account is true, there were four gunmen at the station: where did the other two come from, and where did they go? We are shown video footage, claiming to be CCTV but without the timeline of normal CCTV footage, of Kasab and Ismail wandering around the parking lot near the mainline terminus. This surely cannot be before the shootout, since the station is completely deserted; and after the shootout, Kasab and Ismail are supposed to have escaped via the footbridge from Platform 1 of the suburban station on the other side of VT: this, again, suggests there were four gunmen. Even if Kasab and Ismail had been shown photographs of Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte before they embarked on their trip, how could they possibly have identified the police officers in a dark alley in the dead of night according to Kasab’s first story?
    Witnesses in Cama hospital say the terrorists spoke fluent Marathi, and this report has been confirmed. The gunmen killed two guards in uniform, spared a third, who was in civilian dress and begged for his life saying he was the husband of a patient, demanded water from an employee in the staff quarters and then killed him. They then appear to have made a beeline for the 6th floor (which was empty) and the terrace, taking with them the liftman, Tikhe. 15-30 minutes later, six to eight policemen arrived, and another employee took them up to the 6th floor. The policemen threw a piece of steel up to the terrace, whereupon Tikhe came running down and told them there were two terrorists on the terrace. A fierce gun-battle ensued for 30 to 45 minutes, in which ACP Sadanand Date was injured. Panic-stricken patients and staff in the maternity ward on the 5th floor barricaded the door; nurses instructed the women to breast-feed their babies to keep them quiet, and one woman, who was in the middle of labour, was told to hold back the birth; but they were not invaded. Eventually the gunmen appear to have escaped, it is not clear how. If they were Kasab and Ismail, then these two must have been fluent Marathi speakers. And why would they have taken up positions on the terrace? Was it because they would have a direct view of the lane in which Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte were later supposedly killed?
    The other account is equally dubious. In his first account, Jadhav said Karkare was in the second row of the Qualis, while in the second he was supposed to be in the front row with Kamte. In the second account, Salaskar was initially sitting behind the driver, but then asked the driver to slow down and got behind the wheel himself: is it plausible that an experienced encounter specialist would deliberately make himself into a sitting duck like this when they were in hot pursuit of terrorists? In the first account they were supposed to be going to check up on their injured colleague Sadanand Date, but in the second were supposed to be looking for a red car in which they had been told the gunmen were traveling. If the report about the red car was a decoy to lure them into an ambush, it is important to know who told them that the terrorists were in a red car. If the gunmen were firing from the left side, as Jadhav claimed, how was Karkare hit three times in the chest while Jadhav himself got two bullets in his right arm? In fact, the only vegetation in that part of the ane is on the right side and has wire netting around it; it would be necessary to climb over the netting to hide behind it, and climb over again to come out: impossible under the circumstances. Witnesses say only two bodies were found at the spot next morning: what happened to the third officer? Who were the three constables killed? How did two terrorists manage to kill six police personnel, including Karkare and Kamte who he said were armed with AK47s and Salaskar, an encounter specialist, when one terrorist was later captured and the other killed by policemen armed only with two rifles and lathis?
    Assistant Police Inspector Ombale was killed in that encounter, but his colleagues survived.There was also an intriguing report in DNA on 28 November saying that Anand Rao Rane, a resident of a building opposite Nariman House, heard sounds of celebration from the terrorists there when the news of Karkare getting killed was flashed on TV: isn’t that strange? (Remember the 5 Isrealis who were dancing and filming the planes hitting Twin Towers?)
    The same report quoted a resident of Nariman House and a local shopkeeper who said that the terrorists had purchased large quantities of food and liquor before the attack, suggesting that more than two of them were planning to occupy the place for a long time. Another DNA report, on 2 December, said that sub-inspector Durgude, who had been posted in front of St Xavier’s College, between Cama Hospital and the exit point of the back lane onto Mahapalika Road, saw two young men whom he took to be students and called out to warn them that there was firing at Cama. When they ignored him, he approached them, upon which one of them turned an AK47 on him and killed him. If Kasab and Ismail were there, who was firing inside Cama? Eye-witnesses in St Xavier’s saw a man shot and lying on the pavement in front of the college around 12.30 a.m., while about three gunmen stood over him: who was that? Various reports said that two to eight terrorists were captured alive. Now there is only one in police custody, what happened to the others?
    These are just a few of the numerous questions being asked by vigilant Bombayites who find themselves thoroughly dissatisfied with the information that has been doled out.
    Who killed Hemant Karkare?
    A careful scrutiny of all the reports available so far suggests that the killing of Karkare and his colleagues was a premeditated act, executed by a group that had stationed gunmen at various points along the general route between VT and the Metro cinema with a view to maximising their chances of a successful murderous assault.
    Source: New America Media (SAMAR , Commentary, R.H., Posted: Dec 15, 2008)

  14. Suparn Sharma says:

    Dear Mr. Shishoo,

    You know what, I don’t know how the hell you happened to find me. But somehow, you have found just the RIGHT person for such a letter. (That’s why I am surprised.)

    I read this mail now, but yesternight, when I received it, I thought ‘wow! now i can bust some “real” claims!’, and decided to do in the day time today. But now after reading the whole thing, I have lost interest in this extremely immature stupid conspiracy theory.

    You know why I happen to call myself the right person? Because sitting here in my home, I can tell you what is happening in which corner of the world, information that was never showed or aired on a news medium! Well, at least I think so. And add to this, that I was watching at least 3 to 5 channels of live footage for full 60 hours. All I did then was to sleep and watch the TV. I happen to understand and have a better view of how things started to happen and exactly what happened, probably even better than the fellows who were producing the news for their own channels. Every viewer in front of a TV may have such a benefit.

    I would let you know the reality of the 5 dancing Israelis at the end of this letter. How nice of you to contact me only one of these days: 3 weeks or so ago, I was reading about the 9/11 facts on a site called, and was able to arrive to the conclusions I am right now talking about.

    Man I am kind of tired of all the conspiracy theories. A few years back I received a “Did USA go to the Moon?” CD from one of my friends. I was outraged at the USA for lying to the world. A couple days later, I searched the net, found out that the documentary is 5 years old, had been busted immediately by several scientists, and only I am late. Then came the real question. I saw the site of a US scientist (even found a small error in his explanation which he immediately corrected), and in his site, he had written that these people who are vehemently trying to publicise their theory, never even ONCE mention a site, that has answered all their questions. I went to their sites, and found this out to be so true.

    Take the example of this man on whose site we are right now. I told him to take his comments back, since the news he spoke against proved true, but he just would not listen. (I am not talking about the request for deleting the comments.)

    The same way, after reading all the text of the 9/11 facts, I wrote to, asking if he would consider all the answers given if I gave him all the answers, and hence modify the content, or at least post the answers on his site. Later I thought that he probably won’t reply. And here you are, after so many days, there’s no reply. Of course I already decided never to wait for one.

    So my friend, I want to tell you, that the person who wrote the article you posted above, and the website that published this article, is not going to publish the answers even if all the Chief Justices of all the Supreme Courts of the world gather, do an investigation, and conclude that the conspiracy theory in this matter is completely false. Then they would say, that probably there is something even more dangerous in the closet, since all these people have TEAMED UP to scuttle the real facts… oh man I’ll go mad!!! But they tell to everybody, why the hell are THEY ignoring the logic and the questions posed to them? Well, because they now run their business with their theories. They now earn their VERY living with that. Simple. So we better let them do what they are doing. Especially in this recession time!

    As far as Karkare is concerned, there are a thousand replies to terribly puncture the Karkare murder theory. Here is one, from a new finding I saw on the TV.

    Day before yesterday, a top news channel of India (in case you don’t live in India) Aaj Tak, procured and aired the original tapes of the phone conversations between the Pakistan war-room, and the militants in live operation. Half of your claims in your post blow up like bubbles in mid air! And within it, was one small reference when a terrorist from Mumbai says, “a commissioner has been killed”. The handler from Pakistan says with a rather excited voice “then its all right, the work is being done very nice”. You satisfied with this evidence? What does this evidence say? It says that if it were some “mystery men” who killed Karkare, then how the hell does a terrorist come to know about this and informs the same to his handlers in Pakistan?!!! It can be either only the one who killed Karkare, or another one from the first party whom the killer informed. But now I’ll tell you what is going to happen. The people offering theories would say that the second gunmen party and the terrorists were friends! So, the BJP had their own terrorists (sadhvi and company), and yet instead of hiring any person, they had to contact Pakistanis to kill Karkare. But why kill Karkare, anyways? If he was Sonia Gandhi’s man, then she can keep appointing more like him till Congress is in power! It is possible that she appoint a very strict and ferocious person in Karkare’s post! Then, do you think this was the best way to kill Karkare, when you could have rammed an SUV into their Qualis and make it look like an accident? But hey, wait a minute, I thought there were a thousand other ways! By the way, there are many more replies to this. (Tomorrow, there are going to be theories that how ISI and RAW together forged these tapes!)

    Your mail contains “illiterate” claims that a Muslim is able to speak Quran verses, and these people were not able to etc. Yeah? Really? I never knew all the Muslims are born with the true knowledge and abilities of Quran! By the way, in one audio, the Pakistani handler was dictating the hostage-negotiation terms to a terrorist who was probably in the Trident (conversation was in Punjabi), and he said “yuvak” (meaning youth in Hindi; from Sanskrit), but the young man in Mumbai said “yuv…”, and then the Pakistani handler says, “chalo naujavaano kar do” (okay do it ‘naujavano’) a word for the same in Urdu! Ask the most illiterate Muslim in India if they can speak some daily language words from Sanskrit. Of course they can! These Hindi words are not spoken in Punjab that is in Pakistan. (Especially among the illiterate people; it would become a completely alien language to them.)

    And as far as the mystery caller is concerned, if this call is not a co-incidence of mischief by someone who did not know that Karkare would actually be killed after 2 or 3 days, then most probably, this call is a complete hoax altogether, my friend. Till date, I have not heard even a single mention of this from a single source here in the Indian media. Now come on man, I don’t think this call exists, because then the police would not leave the caller, especially the officers who are pissed off with their not one, not two, but THREE top-most bosses killed. If the theory people think they are better than the wild Indian media, who is these days acting like ferocious sniffer dogs, then they are a bit too much in vain! The Indian media personnel are the fathers of even these theory people. You want to know? Okay, take this example of behavior. An incident happens, the police and the media arrive almost at the same time, and yet, the first channel arriving at the scene runs to the policeman and extends their mic with the question, “so sir, has it been known something about who the hell did this?” Man I tell you, I keep cursing the Indian media all the time, but I find myself unable to control laughter half of the time at these stupid people!

    Then they are saying that only two bodies were found at this encounter spot. Obviously, Karkare would be found in the Qualis, because the two terrorists Ajmal and Ismail, needed only two front seats! What do you expect them to do, clean the car before driving at that time?

    Then, when an incident happens, there are rumours like you have about two dating actors in the film industry. After sometime passes, the final rumour is stable, verified, and established as the real news. Now these fellows are saying that why did we hear different kinds of stories at different times? Looks like they just grew up, and since some days, started to tune in to news channels also, along with Cartoon Network. Great.

    And like I promised, I shall now let you know how Mossad is connected to the 9/11.

    The 5 dancing Israelis were Mossad operatives all right. Three of them were there on a terrace to record the airplanes hitting the WTC towers all right. Later they tried to blow the Lincoln Tunnel all right. And yet, Mossad neither planned, nor executed the 9/11 attacks. Yes, they not even planned any such thing.

    So how come they have so many “live” connections to 9/11? Well, the answer to this is that they KNEW each and everything that was going to happen in the US that day. They had hit upon the knowledge of 9/11 much earlier, then probably investigated, and obtained even the last detail of the conspiracy. But some really nutty fellows in the agency decided that they should not tell this to the US who then brainwashed an odd 20 or 50 of their young immature operatives too, justifying to them that if they let this happen, then they would have a powerful ally against the Muslim nations. They tried to blow the Lincoln Tunnel because they thought this would be the final nail in the coffin, in case the 2 holes in WTC towers would not be able to provoke the Americans enough to declare a war on the Islamic terrorists; remember, NO ONE knew that the buildings would fall down. Too bad the Israelis haven’t been able to make even the slightest addition in their support in THEIR war with the Muslim nations.

    So, the point I am making here is that if you replace the claim, that Mossad planned and executed the 9/11 attacks, with the theory that they only KNEW about the attacks, do you think you would get stuck somewhere while analysing whatever unanswered questions people are shouting hoarse over? Of course not. Now why don’t you try it?!

    Even the last unanswered query can be answered correctly and precisely in all these stupid theories, but would these people ever update their websites? No sir, rest assured, THAT won’t happen!

    Leave it man, this is a big black hole that can keep you sucking in if you decide that you have to counter these theory fellows. Because they are going to INVENT puzzles for you to solve, until they hit upon something, that does not have a proper answer. Then they start shouting hoarse. And all this while, they are going to ignore all the answers.


  15. Suparn Sharma says:

    Hello there Mr. Shishoo,

    Please visit this site; this is the official statement presented in the Indian Parliament regarding Karkare’s death. (You should get these on many other sites.)

    It seems that the statement that only 2 bodies were recovered is completely false and an imagination. Karkare was indeed removed from the back seat.

    But now you would say then how the hell I justified it? Okay, I forgot about the two big baggages the terrorists were carrying with them. And now anyone would agree, they could have not placed those baggages in the front of the car, but the middle seat, where Karkare was lying.


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