3 more US soldiers charged with execution-style murder in Iraqi

Three American soldiers were charged with murder Wednesday in the deaths of four Iraqis who were bound, blindfolded, shot in the head and dumped in a Baghdad canal last year.

Four other U.S. soldiers have already been charged with conspiracy in the deaths, which apparently came shortly after the Iraqis were captured in April 2007. The Iraqis were killed in retribution for casualties within the 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment, according to military prosecutors.  >>>>>

One would think that after all that has gone on leading up to the war, including treatment at Guantanamo, the lies about Afghanistan and Iraq, Abu Ghraib and the like, these soldiers would have received the memo instructing not-to-murder.

However, when a country backs an unjust war; then the trickle-down military command will get the message and the soldiers will eventually feel justified in their murderous acts.  Then we wonder as a nation how so many soldiers can be so depressed; even killing themselves en masse, due to their eventual guilt and emptiness as human beings.

The U.S. must take a different direction.  This brings new meaning to supporting the troops.  If we really cared about the welfare and humanity and justice in the world, or at least for the troops, we would have realized that they should be in a defensive posture, and not an unjust aggressive one.


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