Vidal Sassoon’s Secret Agenda: Anti-Islam

Why does Vidal Sassoon have a whole school dedicated to the study of antisemitism? Is it supported by the American hair brand, or is it just a reference to the Sassoon himself, a British Jew who fought in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War before opening up a famous salon chain?

And if it’s the latter, doesn’t that make it a little bit of a conflict of interest to have professors of the pro-Israel school comment on Muslim extremists, since there is the obvious bias of a nation that’s been at war with Islam for years? >>>>>

It has been a common notion amongst Muslims and Americans who research the projection used by anti-semitic activism by the pro-zionists and their disproportionate access and control in governmental, economic, corporate, media and other parts of the national infrastructure, in the teaching of anti-Islam in subtle and not-so-subtle ways has corrupted the minds of many good people in the West.


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