New breed of Taliban replaces old guard

Money and a hatred of foreigners are motivating a new generation of Afghan fighters…

Hamidullah Khan, a veteran fighter in his mid-forties, underlined why the wild body-counts of the Afghan government are meaningless. These Talibs fight, he claimed, like shark’s teeth. “This is the late Mullah Dadullah’s home. He gave his life for God’s will. When he was killed 20,000 more came forward in the name of Dadullah. They’re now behind him. This is the Taliban way. When one is killed another comes in. Then another. We don’t leave the ground empty.”

…In all of this, an urgent lesson for Nato: these local, Afghan fighters enjoy real support. It is simply wrong to say it is just coercion and terror. Just like the Mujahideen did. Indeed, on this evidence the so-called Taliban might be changing into something far more like the Mujahideen than the madrassa-produced Pakistani Taliban.

The writer of this article does more to bring about a fear amongst readers toward the Taliban.  However, if these people were not from Afghanistan; but rather from the U.S., and did the same exact thing:  defend themselves from a foreign occupation force; what labels would Americans be given by the same writer?  The names that come to mind are American citizens, Real Americans, freedom fighters, defenders of truth and justice, and other more favorable names.

When discussing that they’re motivated by “money and hatred of foreigners,” would not we, in the U.S. see any armed and occupying foreigner killing our civilians over something we did not do as a justifiable means to defend oneself?  Would we be motivated by hatred of foreigners or a hatred of naked aggression for the purpose of exploiting our land?

The projection used by the West in accusing others what we are guilty of, such as sending foreigners to kill natives (foreign to the mercenaries) and providing them with money is actually the motivation by companies like Halliburton, Blackwater USA, KBR, U.S. CIA, FBI, Dept. of Defense, etc.

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