Muslim NGO sets example, calls legal practice of their own as ‘un-Islamic’

“We are against detention without trial. The ISA goes against the principles of justice as those arrested are denied the right of being ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ denied the right of defence, rights to a lawyer and can be held forever without being brought to court.

“Accusing without evidence is an action considered haram (illegitimate) under Syariah (Muslim law). >>>>>

Unlike in the West; when Muslims see their own laws being abused, they fear not to speak out – as is prescribed within Islam — for justice, regardless of who is perpetrating. In the West, Lady Liberty first peeks under her blindfold, and finds out who is reporting and who is accused. Then, based on whether the accused is Muslim, and the accuser is non-Muslim, is it safe to make an air tight case based on secret conjecture, rumors by those who simply dislike the faith, and justification of other actions, without the evidence necessarily being brought forth to the accused. For the past decade or so, on many occasion, the accused doesn’t get to know who the accuser is, thereby allowing for national panic to be spread based on the whim of a person who is willing to remain a secret.

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