Which Mauritania claims “Al-Qaeda militia kills 12 soldiers”?

The Magrebino arm of al-Qaeda come from the old ultra integral Algerian organization known as the Salafite Group of Preaching and Combat; in the past it carried out similar attacks, the last one going back to December. After a military coup that on August 6th overthrew president elect, Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi, the movement released a message on the internet which urged practitioners of their religion in the Mauritania region to prepare for ‘jihad’, the holy war against “the infidel regime” supported by “infidel states” like “America, France, and Israel”; it also solicited Muslim countries to not recognize the new junta. In February, the Israeli embassy was assaulted in Nouakchott: the African state, in which Arabs and Muslims, together with Egypt and Jordan, is in fact one of the few to have normal diplomatic relations with Israel. >>>>>

If Israel believes in democracy, why are they supporting the existing government and not the ‘democratically-elected Islamic government’? Some friend, eh.  Even the U.S. officially refuses to recognize this government.  Should not the U.S. penalize Israel for having these open-relations with the existing government? Or is this posturing by the U.S. just that – posturing?

The link to Al-Qaeda has become the crying of wolf in order to help further de-legitimize any foreign efforts to help the real government of Mauritania from returning to office. Is the term Al-Qaeda purposefully placed against those who would fight for their right to return to office no different than would Americans, should their government be overtaken in a coup?


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