Veep asks Muslims to pursue secular education with vigour

Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama on Sunday asked Muslims to preach the tenets of Islam, alongside secular education, emphasizing that; “the benefits of secular education far outweigh any fear of their faith being diluted.”

“The biggest challenge I foresee is the spread of secular education. It is a fact that if the Muslim community is to be mainstreamed effectively into all sectors of our society, then secular education must be available.” >>>>>

Secular education is not against Muslim principles.  Actually, Muslims have contributed greatly to subjects such as Math and Sciences.  However, If secular education means studying history that is corrupted by falsehoods to benefit secular rationale, this is not conducive to a true education.

If it means eventual laws that prohibit any learning of Islamic principles, or the preventing of headscarves for example, or sex education, whereby youths are encouraged to use contraceptives, there are additional problems.  It’s easy to say “who would deny a proper education?”

But in reality, across the world, a secular education means a subtle, yet powerful and incremental distancing from one’s belief and practice away from his duties to his God.

While the situation and intentions in Ghana may be different, it has been the case that when Muslims try to somehow assimilate – to them it means to acculturate.


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