Jordanian-American man jailed for alleged threats to daughter

Ghaith’s 18-year-old daughter told police that she fled Jordan for her maternal grandparents home after Ghaith, a truck-driver in the United States, had ordered his brother to beat her. The girl told a detective that her father had ordered her uncle to punish her for speaking to boys on a cell phone. She said Ghaith yelled at her via cell phone while her uncle administered the beating.  >>>>>

It does seem like the police over-reacted.  My first question is; how does a 17-year-old girl just flee Jordan?  It sounds like she needed some sort of economic help; and of course, this is a teenage female (who comes from the “Never-never land of the Middle East,” said the police) who travels so easily because she fears tha wrath of her father; so travels closer to him.  Thirdly, isn’t it true that many immigrant families face the same threat of contacting the police against their parents because they simply do not want to obey the parents’ rules?


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