Muslim workers sacked by US meat plant

The sprawling slaughterhouse, located about 100km north of the state capital, Denver, has sacked more than 100 Muslim employees who walked off the job today after their employers refused to allow them to break their Ramadan fast with prayer, food and water.

Simmering tensions between Hispanic immigrants, mainly from Mexico, and Muslim factory workers, most of them Somalis, erupted during Islam’s holy month when the Muslim employees asked management to shift the break time on the afternoon shift to sunset.  >>>>>

If the complete article is true; then the Muslims may have “stepped on their own feet by forcing their hand.” While laws exist to protect one’s right to practice their religion; the actions of the Muslims (over 100 employees walking off the job) may have indeed allowed for the employer to exercise its right to replace them.  As harsh as that may sound to many Muslims; we, as Muslims, must place truth and justice before favoritism of our own.  It would have been more prudent to attempt to find a compromise.  It also would have been wiser to approach this matter with time prior to the commencement of Ramadan.


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