Sarkozy’s comic friend says sorry for 9/11 comments

On a radio show last Friday, the comedian interrupted a discussion on American politics, to say that it was “absolutely sure and certain” that the US government had stage-managed the 9/1l attacks in which 2, 896 people died.  “The two planes which crashed in a forest and on the Pentagon never existed. There never were any planes. It’s an absolutely enormous lie,” M. Bigard said.

“It was an American missile which hit the Pentagon. That’s now been proved. It was a programmed demolition…”

…M. Bigard said that he wanted to “apologise to everyone”.  “I will never speak again about the events of 11 September,” he said. “I will never express any more doubts.” >>>>>

He believes what he believes, but lost his courage when pressure was placed.  This is probably the case with millions of people.


2 Responses to Sarkozy’s comic friend says sorry for 9/11 comments

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