Muslims taking stock of their faith amid Sept. 11 anniversary

Ahmed Rehab, the Chicago director of the Council of Islamic-American Relations, called the episode symptomatic of the “Islamophobia” in the U.S., where, after seven years, many are still unwilling to distinguish between law-abiding Muslims and criminal extremists.  >>>>>

The only problem with what he is saying is the connotation of “law-abiding Muslims and criminal extremists;” leading the reader to believe that Muslims were responsible for the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  For their own reasons, Muslims have been dug so deep on the heels apologizing for not being personally responsible that they seem to be the most reluctant (outside of neo-conservative Republicans) to voice the damning evidence that is introduced clearly contradicting the official account of 9/11.

Without taking an official poll, it would not be surprising that by ratio, there are more democrats that believe the official version is a hoax.  Most government officials admit that the evidence doesn’t add up.  Therefore, why are Muslims still buying into the “We are different Muslims” mentality?  This act, in and of itself, is part of the automatic acculturation process of the Muslim, not just of his national and ethnic culture, but of the culture of his faith.

In order to believe the issues of 9/11, Muslims have also placed themselves in justifying the attacks of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, the unlawful incarceration, torture of Muslims in Guantanamo, unwarranted threats to Iran, legal and military attacks on Sudan and the continued global isolation of the Palestinians (which have absolutely nothing to do with whomever did the attacks on 9/11 – but are mere scapegoats to attain the war booty and help control the region).  These are only some examples.

It is important that Muslims show that they also hold the attributes of standing for truth and justice; which has clearly been proven not to be the way of the government presently in office.  Virtually, the whole Democratic ticket, representing virtually have of the U.S. population, not including the good people of the Republican and Independent(s) parties agree that this country made a grave error in morality and justice with their own people and people of the world.  Let not the Muslims be amongst the few who are left behind, ignoring the truth.  Do not attempt to be ‘more American’ by washing your hands of this matter with the blood and oil born from lands of Muslims.


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