‘Muslim Massacre’ Game Condemned

It glorifies the killing of Muslims in the Middle East, added the Foundation.

The website incites users to download the game by falsely claiming the United States is at war with Islam.

“The United States of America has declared war on Islam! Take control of the American hero and wipe out the Muslim race with an arsenal of the world’s most destructive weapons,” it reads.  >>>>>

If the designer were Muslim, he would be living in Guantanamo, because he would be calling for ‘global jihad’.  He would probably also be investigated for child abuse for corrupting the minds of children, labor laws for attempting to hire children as soldiers, hate crimes attempted war crimes.  Aren’t there any anti-hate laws already on the books to stop this garbage?  I see this article as an alarm for some; but as free publicity for others (who claim free speech-but only for themselves).


2 Responses to ‘Muslim Massacre’ Game Condemned

  1. Kenny says:

    Great game, I did pretty well.

  2. Suparn Sharma says:

    This idiot, the game’s designer, must be given a life term for this. I am quite serious, and I think it can be achieved, at least in the united states, if the case is fought by applying brains.

    And as far as this Kenny is concerned, who gave the above comment, he must have been born in an extremist Christian New York family after 9/11, who must have lost a member or two in the WTC disaster, and his mommy must have taught him that Muslims have done this to you, and you have to avenge your pop at any cost.

    As a result of all this ‘education’ when he grows up, he would become so violent, that probably we would need a “Kill Christians” game!

    What’s his age today by the way? Oh my, he is seven!

    PS: Sorry Kenny’s mommy, because mommies are always good, but your naughty son is defaming your teachings to him.

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