DVD on radical Islam offends Lemoyne recipient

Ross said Clarion, formed in 2007, is nonpartisan and focused on educating the public about the importance of national security. On Wednesday, though, there was an article on the group’s new Web site, http://www.radicalislam.org, that backed Republican presidential candidate John McCain…

Ross said the article “crossed the line” into an endorsement of sorts and would be taken down. He added he had not been aware of the article on the site, which he said will be officially launched next week. >>>>>

Mr. Ross was caught in a lie.  Besides this, to have the ability, finances and research to produce such a video shows real terrorism in the making, the group must purposefully have ignored the overwhelming evidence that contradicts the government’s position.  Terrorism includes imposing psychological fear, of which the recipient states she is fed up with.  Therefore, as Americans, we should impose some of our existing anti-terror laws on these same projection-ridden fear mongers.


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