Islamophobia at the GOP convention

The rhetoric against Islam and Muslims clearly seeks to alienate and disenfranchised the seven-million strong Muslim American community and feeds into the dangerous climate of Islamophobia.

Tellingly Muslim Americans are kept at arm’s length from the presidential candidates that is affecting their right to engage their public officials. Republicans and top Democrats failed to appear at the Arab National Leadership Conference in Dearborn, Michigan last October.

Islamophobic comments in the election campaign are damaging to the Muslim American community. They are symptomatic of a culture that continues to treat Muslims as suspects and not as equal citizens in this country. >>>>>

This is an understatement.  These comments are not only damaging to the American Muslim community. They are far more damaging to the global population of Muslims, not to mention their own souls; for if they claim to be believers, the God himself states in the Judeo-Christian, as well as in Islam, that this type of treatment towards humanity is considered a grave sin.


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