Czech Muslims say govt’s human rights commissioner biased

“If they react to criticism by completing a list of persons who have criticised them and presenting it as a list of their enemies in a situation where many Muslims cooperate with terrorist groups, I consider this intimidation,” Litomisky added.

The authors of the report on Czech Islamophobia say they are convinced that hatred and xenophobia of Czechs towards Muslims have reached an extent that raises concern…

The number of Muslims living in the 10-million Czech Republic is estimated at 10,000 to 20,000. Only about 2,000 of them regularly participate in the community’s religious life. The number of Muslims among Czechs reaches several hundreds. >>>>>

Interesting how this article labels the amount of Muslims there are in comparison to the 10-million overall population.  Then it attempts to further minimize the number by stating that the net of practicing Muslims (as if they really knew who prayed at home or not), comes out to only several hundred.  The unsaid is left for the reader to do the math, and sum up with, “Well, several hundred compared to that of 10,000,000 — seems like we have bigger problems to worry about.  If you don’t like it, then leave.”

However, since the issue of anti-Semitism came up in the article, it’s interesting that Litomisky (the Human Rights Commissioner of a predominantly atheist country) was able to have the consideration for the population of 4,000 Jewish Czechs (including those practicing and those not), compared with that of up to 20,000 Muslims.  Why is that?

To have this person lead the country’s ‘human rights commission’ in a so-called budding democracy, that just so happens to be a part of NATO – should scare Muslims.


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