New mosque dedicated to Christ in Madaba

According to their source, the pan-Arab daily Al-Quds al-Arabi, a local moderate Osama Abu al-Walid is quoted as saying:

“Calling Madaba’s new mosque after the son of the Virgin Mary is an important initiative to improve dialogue in our town, whose Christian and Muslim population coexists, …”

Local imam Jamal Safarati is further quoted to say:

“In this way, we want to emphasise that Jesus is also our prophet and is loved by all Muslims,” >>>>>

It’s no surprise to Muslims. The shock comes from many Christians who fail to accept the concept that Muslims believe in Jesus, son of Virgin Mary, and his important role in God’s plan.


2 Responses to New mosque dedicated to Christ in Madaba

  1. Fred Mac says:

    If Muslims believe in Jesus, ¿why in so many muslims countries are killed the chistians?

  2. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    I think that you may have information that may not be accurate. There are many nations that have majority Muslim populations. But the actual killing of other groups of people based on their religious belief is not as high as you would think. The majority of Muslim nations on the earth actually do not have a sharia government. For those countries that do claim to have Shariah law, such as Saudi Arabia or Iran actually have good human rights records regarding Christians or Jews who have been unjustly killed in their nation.

    For other countries, such as Sudan, you may be taking your points from the Western propaganda machine. There have been a covert and overt attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government, which voted for more Sharia. However, the independence sought by the Southern part of Sudan by the Christians and the Animists. In this battle for defense of their own sovereignty, Sudan has faced many deaths of both Muslims and Christians and others. However, we must look at the fact that there was an initiation.

    Many are run with a secular government and laws. for countries like Egypt, Iraq, or Syria, Christianity was not the biggest problem to the governments. If anything, they tended to come down more on Islamists who wanted to gain a stronger hold of the government.

    Then there are countries that the West is annihilating with an over-whelming Judeo-Christian troops and mercenaries who, in more cases than not, are unaware that they are fighting in unjust wars (many simply don’t care), in Iraq, Afghanistan and now – Afghanistan.

    In countries like Israel, Palestinians are both Muslim and Christian. The deaths occured there are against both groups by Israelis. Other areas aside from Palestine where Muslims are or were the victims in recent time up to now include oppression and ethnic cleansing by others: Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Kashmir, India, Chechnya, Dagestan, many other Russian republics, Algeria, Mauritania, and many more I do an injustice to by not naming them.

    I guess with all that said, it would be more informative if you pointed out countries where Muslims are killing Christians who are not occupying or invading them – violating international laws.

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