CIA forged Habbush’s letter

In his new book The Way of the World, Pulitzer-Prize reporter Ron Suskind makes two accusations against the Bush administration. First, that the Bush administration received credible information from the British intelligence (who were informed by Iraq’s intelligence chief Tahir Habbush) that Saddam Hussain had no weapons of mass destruction. Bush, and especially Dick Cheney and his neo-conservative entourage dismissed the information because they were intent on waging war.

Suskind reports that after the invasion of Iraq and the confirmation that Habbush was telling the truth, the Americans made a secret arrangement with him, hid him in Jordan and paid him $5 million. >>>>>

If this were correct, should not Jordan investigate, and if the information is accurate – freeze the assets, indict Habbush and place the U.S. on a list of terror?  Is this too much idealism to ask?


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