BBC favours Muslims, complain Hindus and Sikhs

Sikh and Hindu leaders have complained that a disproportionate number of programmes have been made about Islam, at the expense of programmes on their own faiths.

An analysis of programmes from the BBC’s Religion and Ethics department claims that since 2001, the BBC has made 41 programmes on Islam, five on Hinduism and one on Sikhism.  >>>>>

Maybe it is because Muslims are pushing the unjust anti-hate messages to offset the other programming that demonizes them.  The learning about Muslims is in place, yet the overwhelming majority of non-Muslims still harbor ill feelings and ignorantly believe (by design) that Muslims are responsible for global atrocities today.

It is difficult to believe that Hindu and Sikh groups woke up one day, collaborated and stated, “Hey, we aren’t getting that much attention.  Let’s blame the Muslims.”  This complaint(s) by them appears to be more of an instigative move by those who want less of the ‘positive’ message about Islam to be shown.


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