3 Jewish youths beaten by Muslim gang in Paris street

According to Thiery Nebet a large number of Jews live in the 19th District and, “The atmosphere here is difficult. Now I need to protect our sons so they will not talk a great deal, because that is what we were told by the community’s security people. This time it was my son; it can be anyone. The Jews want to live in peace but it’s impossible with the Arabs here. We go around with a skullcap and that bothers them, but we don’t care. If we have to take off our skullcaps to live better, it’s better to leave now.” >>>>>

If the Africans started the fight, then they were wrong and should face local justice and/or pay restitution.  However, without getting a quote from any one of them in the story, I notice a bias in this article.  Those involved were identified as Africans, Arabs, and Muslim (had to be in the title) in this one story.  In other words, every aspect of a guessed description was identified.  However, of the Jew, neither their ethnicity, nor their race was mentioned.  How does the Jew know that it wasn’t a group of Ethiopian Jews, for example?  How does he know that these weren’t Coptic Christians from Egypt?  This story serves more as a seed to show how Africans, Arabs and Muslims are evil.  Once again, if they started the altercation, then they are clearly in the wrong; but like the Palestinians, these teenagers don’t get their version of the story in.  Therefore, it’s important to leave this avenue open. But most reading this will have this point fly over their heads.

On a side note:  “If we have to take off our skullcaps to live better, it’s better to leave now.”  Why is it that when a Jew makes a comment like this, he is seen as someone oppressed; yet Europe seems to have little compassion for Muslim women who feel the same way about their hijab, or men regarding their beards?


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