Ramadan Curbs on China’s Muslims

“We uncover the faces of veiled women by force if necessary,” he said. “We also arrest anyone teaching religion to children illegally,” he said, adding that police were also helping to enforce a ban on Muslim restaurant closures in Ramadan.  >>>>>

And the people of the West wonder why Muslims have difficulties trusting democracies, communist states and other political ideologies.  They are trying to not become like those in Palestine and Xinjiang, China.

Imagine if your government forced the headscarves off of nuns; or snatched yarmulkes off of rabbis and snipped their beards…what kind of oppressive thoughts come to mind, and how would you, as an American respond?  Then ask yourself; Republicans…what exactly do you mean when you say, “We need to protect our right to bear arms, in case of ‘government’ oppression?”  Now, what role do you see yourself in comparison to the Chinese government?


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