Obama says Pakistan used U.S. aid to prepare for war against India

Senator Barack Obama has accused Pakistan of misusing U.S. military aid meant to help it fight al Qaeda and the Taliban to prepare for war against India. In an interview with Fox News he also says the United States must put more pressure on Pakistan to crack down on Islamist militants, hold it accountable for increased military support, and be prepared to act aggressively against al Qaeda; “if we have bin Laden in our sights, we target him and we knock him out,” he says. However he adds that “nobody talked about some full-blown invasion of Pakistan.” >>>>>

The information in this interview, and now Obama’s inching-against-Islam position, cannot be trusted.  Obama is pressed against the wall.  It appears that what the man and his heart want, American politics and media won’t let be.  Expect him to be somehow galvanized to the ‘right’ position in order to maintain and/or gain strength in attaining votes.


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