Nigeria Arranges ‘HIV Marriages’

“Polygamy, as we have discovered, has become a potent source of spreading the HIV scourge in Nigeria,” he said…

“If we should fear God, we should stop spreading the HIV virus through indiscriminate marriage, thereby infecting innocent people,” >>>>>

Another example of propaganda, albeit probably through ignorance than otherwise.  I would like to see the data that says it is polygamy that spreads HIV.  In addition, what researcher in his/her right mind would exclude casual sex (heterosexual or homosexual) from that same research?  This article, which mentions sharia’ as state law, fails to show the remedies as removal of polygamy and condoms as HIV preventers.

Two teachings come to mind:

Do not take something that is forbidden as a remedy.

Do not make permissible what God has forbidden; nor make forbidden what God has made permissible.


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