Germany indicts ‘home-grown’ Islamists for terrorist bomb plot

Many Germans remain shocked that the men had ordinary German upbringings, unlike the radicals who were born in Arab lands and moved to Germany to plot the September 11, 2001, suicide attacks on New York and Washington using hijacked airliners.

Police around Europe say “home-grown” terrorism has become as big a threat as that from radical immigrants.  >>>>>

This will eventually become Germany’s reason for attempting to squash any further spread of Islamic influence, and even immigration by Muslims, especially Turks to their country.  They will get the support by parading these guys around, and continuing to gain support for their convictions in the minds of the German people.  It’s no wonder that an over-whelming amount of the failed cases of terrorism are against young folk in their 20’s.  Aside from being so feeble-mindedly ‘impressionable’ to acts of terror; they seem to be able to carry out acts that are not within the scope of 20 year-olds you know?  They usually have these grandiose plans, and virtually always foul up by the most simple detail.  Doesn’t that strike one as strange?


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