US Fights Islam Anti-Defamation Push

“We are seeing a clear attempt by OIC countries to mainstream the concept and insert it into just about every other topic they can,” Felice Gaer, chairwoman of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), told The Washington Times on Tuesday, September 2.

“They are turning freedom of expression into restriction of expression,” added Gaer whose government agency monitors religious freedom in the world and gives policy recommendations to the president.  >>>>>

Felice D. Gaer directs the Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights of the American Jewish Committee (AHRAJC), according to the USCIRF website.  She has lost any credibility in the eyes of most regarding being able to be impartial regarding matters that are sensitive to Muslims.  No doubt, she has been for Israel over Palestine despite the fact that they have violated many UN Resolutions.  

If we replace laws on the books pertaining specifically to anti-Semitism to apply to all faiths and groups, then Americans and the world would be more inclined to accept with favor the decisions of people like Ms. Gaer.

What Muslims would be elated with, as any other group, is to have their human rights be equivalent to that sought out by (AHRAJC) regarding anti-Semitism.  Whatever she complains about regarding inclusion of Islamophobia in all parts of society she doesn’t complain about with matters such as the supposed favoritism given, for example, by the US Commission on Civil Rights home page having Ending Campus Anti-Semitism in the heading as the only specialized group identified with the fight for civil rights in the U.S. when the Jews make up only about 1-2% of U.S. population.

The efforts against the OIC are purely sending a message that only certain groups are worth fighting for.  As far as I’m concerned, she abused her post in performing her duties.  This evidently makes her stance Islamophobic, and is a tool of the U.S. and Israel in going against bringing about a just harmony around the world.


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