Anti-radical Islam reporter killed in south Russia

Unknown assailants shot Alishayev – an editor at an Islamic television station who made a documentary countering the radical Wahabist form of Islam – as he drove through Dagestan’s capital last night. He died today.

Analysts say predominantly Muslim Dagestan is fertile ground for radical Islam to attract disenfranchised young men, a trend they say could spread further through Russia’s north Caucasus.  >>>>>

There is a lot of speculation in this article.  First of all, the title speaks of what is radical.  Radical is of what is furthest from your point of view.  To some, anyone who prays to God, and calls him Allah, this is radical.  To others, prayer in any religion is radical behavior.  Who’s to say the man wasn’t killed over a robbery, or a personal beef?  We simply don’t know, yet we use this as an opportunity to attempt to further divide Islam in order to help ease tensions of those people and nations who have it in their hearts to kill Muslims, for greed or pure hate-filled nationalism, or just thirst for blood.


2 Responses to Anti-radical Islam reporter killed in south Russia

  1. geoeconomics says:

    what do u think regarding recent events and Islam?

    Religious Islamic people targeted children in direct violation of Islamic Law?

    Or Beslan, was it a pseudo operation?

    Beslan, the Algerian-Caspian connection, and Pseudo-Operations

  2. 5-Pillar Scribe says:

    If this was indeed the case, then it was clearly a criminal act. I am not afraid to say so; but the West has done far worse and they continue to go on with impunity is my point. Whoever commits a grave sin; or breaks the laws of humanity should be held accountable, Muslim or non-Muslim.

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